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The BOX app, thanks to one of its functions, deals with well-known issues in our society: Bullying, Racism and Violence. The app provides a tool to anyone, from children to elderly, to notify any problems to the management and administration.

Any communication through The BOX app is between the two parties only, somce the architecture and philosophy of The BOX app is based on the absolute confidentiality between the users.

Why we created The Box App

The Box App was created by a team of talented people to help businesses and consumers achieve a more interactive relationship, with the ultimate goal of mutual benefit in terms of services and profitability, business, and better service and more active participation, on the part of consumers.

All this is offered through a completely confidential and anonymous, closed communication system, between the consumer and the respective corporate management.

From point A (user), directly to point B (company-management).

Significant Business Benefits

Possibility to improve the way and the quality of service of the company, through the monitoring of any failures and complaints of consumers.

Ability to monitor important statistical data, such as satisfaction index, age group of consumers, insufficient coverage of age groups, and additional actions to better serve them.

Ability to better manage the lack of service, enabling the consumer to express his complaint or observation, directly to the company’s management, thus giving the company the opportunity to manage the issue, quickly, directly and completely confidentially, and reducing the likelihood of negative publicity.

Immediate and targeted updating/substantial enhancement of your corporate profile.

Ability to inform consumers, through the application and the News section offered by The Box App, about developments, new products, upcoming events, in an specific and focused environment, such as that of an application.

Possibility of strengthening the corporate and social profile of the company, providing the possibility of effective participation of the consumer, showing in practice the importance that the company gives to the overall satisfaction of the customer, resulting in his long-term trust.

Significant benefits for consumers/users

  • Ability to express and more effectively manage a problem or lack of service faced by the consumer, giving him the opportunity to speak directly, anonymously and confidentially.
  • Possibility of immediate information of the respective administrative structure, resulting in the faster confrontation and resolution of the respective problems or malfunctions that may arise.
  • Ability to provide a meaningful voice to the consumer / user, and the power to help businesses improve their services, while improving the quality they receive, as it participates directly, actively and effectively in the whole process.
  • Ability to contribute to a better society, participating with the power of his opinion, and helping to change mentalities and established, deeply rooted in our society.

How the application works

simply - quickly - effectively

The user registers on the The Box app

Selects the company or organization that wishes to communicate through the option given to it in the store locator window.

The user sends its comments, on the issue it encounters, and thus informs quickly, simply and effectively, the respective administrative authority or the person who monitors the operation of the service offered by the application.

Once the request has been sent by the user, and has been received by the company, a communication channel opens between the company and the user in the Quiz box selection window.

  • Our comparative advantage over a market research or companies measuring quality and quantity can be seen so directly, but even more so in the long run.
  • Immediate and continuous information of the administration
  • Fast processing procedures, with a top-down character, since the management will be able to have an immediate picture and react faster.
  • Awareness of the company from the inside, for any weaknesses and problems faced by customers and employees, and not through third parties.
  • Immediate and focused access to a wide range of age groups, with the corresponding potential benefits. (updates, Advertising, news, group / individual communication).
  • Strengthen the corporate profile and create corporate empathy for the customer and the consumer, thus strengthening a longer relationship of trust and loyalty.

Our cost/performance ratio
Comparative advantage

Our future strategy is also our legacy for a better world

Like society, we at The BOX app are constantly evolving.

We could not do otherwise, since change is embedded within the structure and philosophy of the application, and is the fundamental principle of its existence. Therefore, continuous evolution is in our DNA

Our future plans include:

Wide and more detailed data analysis

Customization of functions according to the needs of the company

Ability to take advantage of the diversity of users’ age groups, and customize actions, in order to inform them purposefully.

At the same time, Theboxapp application participates and responds with the possibility of one of its functions, to the intense problems that plague our society worldwide, that of Bullying, social racism, and the exploitation of the weakest. It provides the opportunity for pupils, athletes, students, and especially the new age groups, to express any problems to the responsible managers and the administration under them.

The communication is between the two parties only, ie the directly involved (s), and the competent authority, point A to point B, since both the architecture and the philosophy of The Box app are based on the absolute confidentiality between the users but also of the respective communication.

The BOX app on Sensitive Issues of Bullying and Sexual and Social Harassment

It’s Not just an App. It’s a Long-lasting relationship

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