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The Company creates a quizbox by writing different questions where the user can answer with YES or NO.

This choice with YES or NO is to allow easier management of the results and to offer a better data analysis which will be not biased.

The Company can invite the users to participate to the quizbox once they have sent an anonymous comment.

It has been chosen to allow to invite users that left a comment since this assures that participants have at least been once in the Store or tried the Product.

All results are automatically updated in the Admin Panel when an user participates.

It will be possible to have only one quizbox active at the time to gather general knowledge which will be essential for the business to take the right decisions based on the Feedback.

All results can be filtered based on Gender and/or Age Range. This allows to see the different Target Groups and understand what can be done to improve the quality for them.


Once an user has left an anonymous review the Company can invite him/her to participate to the quizbox.

The user will receive an notification in the App and the quizbox Questionnaire can be easily answered from the Device.

No personal data is shared and every user can participate only once to each Quizbox.

The only information that is stored with the answers are the Age Range and Gender.

This will allow to identify the Target Group which will help the Company to understand the different needs.