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Your voice has power!

Say your opinion

Speak freely, give your opinion strength! You can now!

Anonymously and discreetly

Don't be afraid to speak freely! We offer you the opportunity to express your opinion anonymously!

Make the world a better place

When the information reaches the competent person without intermediaries, dealing with the problems becomes easier!


During registration, the application will create a random username to avoid that the user can be recognized.

All personal information provided will never be disclosed to the companies to which the comment is submitted.

This way the user can speak freely and has not to worry about what might happen if they find out who he is.

How does it work?

The panic button will start automatically for recording and saves the geographical location with the timestamp. This happens in the background and the user will not need to click any buttons except the panic button.

Once the user stops recording, the data is automatically transferred to our server and stored there so that there is always a copy.