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The users have the possibility to speak freely as their Identity is never
This allows create a honest communication channel as all news, good
and bad, are equal important to keep control of the Business and take
the correct action to keep it running.
It is not meant to be used for negative aspects but this is a common
characteristic of all reviews.
With The BOX app, the user is encouraged to leave honest reviews and
these remain private without hurting the Business.

Immediate communication

The user has a fast way to get in contact with the management.
This will allow to solve problems faster as these are not hidden in the
internal bureaucracy and emerge when it is already too late.
The best part is that this information is not publicly available and will
allow the management to act in time to solve it before it becomes too

Active participation

The user feels that his voice is listened and can help to improve the
business he has chosen.
By feeling to be part of the company, also by letting them know how
to improve, is a big benefit.
The user feels creates a stronger bond with the business and will not
go away by choosing a competitor.
Showing that the business listens to his opinion gives a human touch
to the brand identity.

Social Improvements

By allowing to speak freely, this aspect will also help to change the
mentalities as changes comes from small steps.
Having a better service, where every part of the process is done well
and will generate a positive attitude.
If the internal staff can use the app to send a review of a process that is
done in an unproductive way, the customers are not offered a service
that they would love, the hierarchy is creating obstacles to allow to
work in the most productive way, then the management would be able
to intervene and keep everyone happy and the business would only
benefit from it.