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How it works now

Companies set up different social profiles or
chat systems and hire staff to manage these.
The staff interacts with the Consumer and
collects their concerns.
To make it work it requires that the Consumer
creates or uses a Social Media Account or
shares personal information.
•Many users are abandoning the mainstream
Social Media Platforms.
•Their privacy is not protected
•They don’t feel always safe to speak freely
•They expect an immediate response

The BOX app Solution

We offer an anonymous asynchronous platform
where the Consumer can express their concerns or
provide insight to the Business without having to
use a Social Media Profile, share personal details
and have to actively interact with the Company.
The Advantages are:
No need for further Staff to be hired
No need to be constantly following the stream of
content posted
No need to worry about the content to be visible to
No need to plan unexpected checks in stores to see
if there are any unknown issues. (This helps also to
avoid to install surveillance systems)
Have all data in the same format to use it to
understand how the Business is going.

Listening to their opinion

Showing that the business is interested to their opinion is a strong
factor that can easily increase the trust.
Consumers tend to choose a brand over another because of feelings
and give them the possibility to feel part of the brand by helping it to
become better increases the bond.
The BOX app relies on the concept that the Consumer is providing the
feedback to the management. In this way it will be informed about all
the issues which could hurt the business. It is impossible to follow all
the situations that happens during the Business hours and having an
external point of view helps to get the feedback that is constantly
missing to take the right decision to improve the Business.
The consumer is happy to improve the quality of the Business as they
decided to rely on it and showing them that they can improve it will
only strengthen the bond also if they had a bad experience.