For the businessmen


With TheBoxApp each businessman can get in real time feedback from his customers in order to improve his services and products.

Through his personal account he can,

  • View exclusively the same messages from his clients without the intervention of an employee EXCELENTLY & DISCREETLY.
  • To filter messages per store and/or product and/or service and/or employee for easier focusing and managing.
  • To reply directly to the sender of the message, indicating his immediate response.
  • To directly contact his customers with news/offers.

It owns a full and in-depth caption of the customer's view and not just an unclear rating.

In real time, any worried businessman who participates in TheBoxApp can learn what his customers think, useful points to improve the products / services he offers.

TheBoxApp is an application designed to be a valuable tool in the hands of businessmen. It is a GREEK IDEA & DEVELOPMENT, with many possibilities for valuation and development.

TheBoxApp is valuable and costs little. Contact us at: +30 6936192849 Mrs. Farris.

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