Panic Button

What it is

The Panic Button is a easy tool that will help you in situations where you need to protect yourself by requesting silently help and record what is happening around you to have a proof.

As example, as we have heard constantly in the news, people have been forced by a superior to do certain things to keep the job. The Panic Button will record the audio with the location and date and send automatically an sms to a number you have set.

Once the recording is stopped, a copy will be sent on our server where it will be stored with all geolocation information and timestamp of when it has been recorded. 

This will allow you to have a proof of what happened in case you need it.

How it works

The Panic Button will start automatically to record the audio and stores the geolocation information with the timestamp. This happens in the background and there will not be any need to click any button after having clicked on the panic button.

Once you stop the recording the data is automatically transferred to the server and stored there to have always a copy of it.

Functionalities in details

Add safe Contact

Add the number of a safe contact which will be notified when you click on the Panic Button.


Record the audio conversation.
The App will use a dark theme to not show what is happening.


When you click on the Panic Button your location will be registered. An sms is sent to your safe contact with your exact GPS position. Once the recording has been stopped all data is saved on our server.