With the BOX app all your customers can write anonymous comments which will be visible only to you!

You can learn what they really think and have not to worry it will be visible to everyone.

This will give you the possibility to know what can be improved and have the time to do the changes to keep your customers always happy!


A happy customer stays Customer!


Get REAL feedback!

Most customer will never tell what happened since they can be scared to expose themself.

What If they could tell you all anonymously?

  • The BOX app allows them to tell you all anonymously and you will be constantly updated about what happens in your company.
  • You will be informed by the customers all the time something happens while you are away.
  • In this way you will keep be sure all works well and when it is time to intervene to improve something.

Show that you VALUE your customers’ opinion!

When the customer know that if they report an issue and this one is taken in consideration by the Owner himself they see it as something positive!

Show that you value what your customer think since they want that your company improves as they like it and want to continue to stay customer!

Act now and be part of The BOX app by getting feedback!


Get Reviews

Let your customer know that you accept reviews on The BOX app

Ask detailed Feedback

Once you get reviews you can ask for clarification or to answer to a Quizbox


Analyze the data, or by using the tools in the Admin Dashboard or by exporting them as CSV to use them in your favorite tool to learn how to keep your customers satisfied!


What you get!

When you join The BOX App get get:

  • Access to the admin panel
  • Possibility to customize your company profile
  • Possibility to reply to the comments
  • Send a Quizbox to the users


50 EURO / Year*

* The price is meant for each location. In case you have more than 5 locations you want to add, contact us to get a discount!

All tools in the APP!


You have access to all the reviews from the APP!

You can see anytime there is a new review and answer immediately!

You will be able to filter the comments by location, gender, age and rating!



You can add the links to your company’s Facebook and Instagram Account and your Website!

All users will be able to see it in your company’s page!


You can customize the categories which your customers can choose when sending a review!


Prepare the questions for your Quizbox to send it to all customers that leave a review!

Simple questions which will give you invaluable insight!


Post your news on The BOX app and your customer will be able to see them when they leave a review!